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Public Liability is imperative for any business. It will provide you with cover for any property damage or personal injury you or your employees cause to third parties during the course of your business.

Products Liability comes as a package with Public Liability and will cover any property damage or personal injury caused by your products.

No matter what size your business, Public and Products Liability claims can run into millions. Don't just choose the lowest limit available, think about your business and the worst possible scenario. Why run the risk?

Examples of public &/or products liability claims include:

  • A customer slips and falls in your store
  • A rock breaks a customers window while you are mowing their lawn
  • A nightclub patron suffers injury whilst being evicted by you from the venue
  • A shop fitter breaks a sprinkler system while in the ceiling of a shopping centre causing water damage to the store below
  • The traffic control sign placed on the side of the highway blows into a car causing damage to the vehicle
  • A real estate agent knocks over an expensive vase whilst showing a house to a client
  • The foods you manufacture poison a customer
  • A child is injured whilst in the care of your child care centre
  • Whilst digging a trench a civil contractor breaks a water pipe
  • Scaffold falls over causing damage to vehicles parked below
  • Whilst welding in the course of your business nearby materials catch fire and the premises burns down

Did you know...                  

There are over 100 insurers authorised to conduct insurance business in Australia. Without a broker, how many could you contact?