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We are an insurance broker, we act for you and we source the most appropriate & competitive quotes for your business insurances.

Do you currently use an insurance broker?

If you do (and you selected a competent broker) you would be familiar with the benefits available to you, such as expertise, access to Lloyds underwriters otherwise not available to the public, knowledge of the insurance market and the ability to obtain quotes from many insurers without having to phone them all yourself.

If you are not using an insurance broker, why not? Perhaps you don't know where to go? Or you find it hard to make the time to meet with a broker? Or maybe you enjoy spening hours on the phone to various insurance companies?

Here at we make it easy for you. In less than 5 minutes by completing a short questionnaire for your required insurance policy, you can put a licensed insurance broker to work for you!

Once you submit a quote request an email will be received by a licensed insurance broker. Assuming there is sufficient information to source quotes for your required insurance policy, our insurance broker will approach the market and present you with the most competitive quote via your email address within 48 hours. If further information is needed or sourcing quotes will take longer than this, you will be notified.

We will only offer quotes from fully authorised Australian insurers and you are not obligated to proceed with any quote provided by us.

All too often people simply renew their insurance policies without seeking alternate quotes from other insurers. The insurance market is always changing and by simply renewing your policy you may be missing out on more competitive premiums and greater benefits of other policies.

Submit a quote request now and compare!...

Did you know...                  

There are over 100 insurers authorised to conduct insurance business in Australia. Without a broker, how many could you contact?