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Child Care Insurance Package

As an insurance broker who specialises in the child care industry, Ausure Insurance Brokers Macarthur is committed to using their insurance expertise to assist such businesses and individuals find the right insurance protection to suit their needs.

Childcare services present some unique challenges in relation to insurance and after years of working with childcare services Ausure is only too aware of how important it is to have adequate insurance to protect the service and to provide children and families with the financial support that insurance can provide if something goes wrong.

Ausure offers tailored insurance solutions from a Lloyds of London underwriter and leading Australian insurers.

Complete the forms below for an insurance quote for your child care centre. If you have multiple centres you can print our one-page child care questionnaire for each individual centre and return to us as per details on the bottom of the form.


A child injured in care today can make a claim up to the age of 18 and then for at least 3* years after that.

It's very common that a claim is made many years after the injury has occurred because it may take years to determine the full effect the injury had had on the child.

You need a policy that will protect you in years to come for something that happens today - not all insurance policies do.

*Dependant on the Statute of Limitations in your State / Territory.

Benefits of the policies offered by Ausure Insurance Brokers Macarthur

  • Occurrence based public & products liability and professional indemnity wording (alleviating the need to buy professional indemnity run-off cover)
  • Combined limits of $5m, $10m or $20m
  • No exclusion for molestation / sexual abuse or transmissible diseases
  • Costs & expenses are in addition to the limit of indemnity
  • Automatic inclusion for coronial inquiries & official investigations (costs & expenses cover), emergency first aid / good samaritan acts and events, fundraising & excursions
  • Optional extension for fines & penalties, personal accident and crises management cover
  • Building & contents insured against fire & perils and theft including theft of contents in the open air to $5,000
  • Glass breakage
  • Business interruption paid weekly
  • Optional extensions for money, equipment breakdown and general property

Did you know...                  

There are over 100 insurers authorised to conduct insurance business in Australia. Without a broker, how many could you contact?